Pastry Palace Kids Cake #1569 - Rapunzel, Rapunzel

Rapunzel, Rapunzel (1569)

(Seriously? How impossibly cool is the “Rapunzel, Rapenzel” cake shown above? One of our personal favs.)


What two things go more perfectly together than “Kids and Birthday Cakes”? Not only do parents take special care to make sure every birthday is celebrated with cake, we also have to make sure that it’s just the right cake, too! The right cake to match the party theme, the decorations, the birthday girl or boy’s favorite colors, characters and activities – heck, we even start before they’re born with “the perfect baby shower cake” (but that’s another blog post).


And there’s nothing that says our kids have to suffer through with just the homemade cupcakes or the quickly-baked Duncan Hines mix with the ready-made frosting. (Although we have to admit, that’s where we started our own passion for all-things-beautiful-and-baked! Mmm….can still taste that chocolate frosting licked off the finger that just happened to get dunked in the bowl…….oops!)


It may not happen every year, but at least every once in awhile, it’s time to make a special trip to the bakery to order a cake in flavors and design that you just KNOW they’re going to LOVE. (see how those capital letters work?) So we’re going to share a few of the latest creations from our own kitchen, designed and crafted at the direction of Parents Who Know Their Kids Best. (you know that’s you, right?) So let’s just kick it off with a bit of the incredibly popular “Frozen” cakes, based on the animated feature film. (Can’t you just feel the icy-sweet goodness from there?)

Pastry Palace Kids Cake #1633 - Frozen (Elsa & Olaf)

Frozen (Elsa & Olaf – 1633)

Pastry Palace Kids Cake #1623 - Frozen Tiers

“Frozen” Tiers (1623)


And then, there’s a whole bunch of other cartoon and animated friends (a couple of which shown below we assume you know very well…):

Pastry Palace Las Vegas Kids Cake #1581 - Despicable Me, Too

Despicable Me, Too (1581)

Pastry Palace Las Vegas Kids Cake #1622 - Shrek!

Shrek! (1622)

Pastry Palace Las Vegas Kids Cake #1627 - Party With Mickey

Party With Mickey (1627)

Pastry Palace Las Vegas - Kids Cake #1546 - Visions of Mickey

Visions of Mickey (1546)


But wait! There’s more! It doesn’t matter if your birthday kid’s passion lies with film, storybook, toys, nature or even the candy store. The style of cakes is unlimited – so let your child’s imagination run away with you! Here’s a few other ideas to get the party started . . . and if the last cake doesn’t make you smile, why, we’ll just eat it!  Sweet dreams!


Pastry Palace Las Vegas - Kids Cake #1562 - Willie Wonka's Candy Lab

Willie Wonka’s Candy Lab (1562)

Pastry Palace Las Vegas - Kids Cake #1537 - Penguin Party

Penguin Party (1537)

Pastry Palace Las Vegas Kids Cake #1538 - Birthday Wishes From Rainbow Dash

Birthday Wishes From Rainbow Dash (1538)

Pastry Palace Las Vegas - Kids Cake #1491 - Polka Dot Chateau

Polka Dot Chateau (1491)

Pastry Palace Las Vegas - Cake #1634 - Sweet Tiers

Sweet Tiers (1634)