Pastry Palace Las Vegas Cake #1281 - Till Death Do Us Part

Till Death Do Us Part (1281)


If you’re in the wedding business, you’ve just got to love David Tutera. Not only does he create fantastic wedding environments for the couples chosen to be on his show – but he finds ways to express their dreams in real life – often in ways they never even imagined possible. Let’s face it – a wedding is not simply a time for a joyous union to take place, it’s also a very personal expression of the bride and groom’s personal passions – whether it be a Disneyland, Halloween, or a luxury car theme.(Oh – you’ve seen it, don’t lie!)


In fact, in our experience, there are virtually no limits to the possibilities that couples present to us when ordering their wedding cake centerpiece. From traditional to the extreme, displaying childlike wonder at the journey to come, or recognizing the lifelong commitment and taking the words “till death do us part” very much to heart – a wedding cake for many brides is much much more than simply a pretty dessert.


Pastry Palace Las Vegas - Wedding Cake #1062 - Frogs In Love

Frogs in Love (1062)

Pastry Palace Las Vegas Cake #1593 - A Minion Wedding

A Minion Wedding (1593)


With images sweet and engaging, some couples choose to bring a lighthearted touch to their festivities and show their feelings in designs that many are quick to relate. The use of favorite creatures in nature or of popular and endearing animated films are not uncommon sights. And who doesn’t smile just glancing upon the frogs and Minions shown above?


Or perhaps this wedding day is the perfect opportunity to show the duality of personalities that are about to be forever linked . . . half for the bride, and half for the groom:

Pastry Palace Las Vegas Cake #794 - Split Personality

Split Personality (794)


Pastry Palace Cake #801 - Gotham City or Paradise?

Gotham City, or Paradise? (801)


A love of the Halloween holiday, however, obviously serves as an inspiration for many couples,though. Taking a walk on the dark side seems to bring out the ‘creative’ in our cake artists. As you can see below, you can have a lot of fun with the spooky and macabre. The stuff of nightmares and the afterlife – zombies or ghosts . . . it doesn’t matter what the theme of your wedding, we’re here to make your cake the pièce de résistance you’ve always wanted!

Pastry Palace Wedding Cake #910 - Wedding Before Halloween

Wedding Before Halloween (910)


Pastry Palace Las Vegas Cake #1382 - Nightmares

Nightmares (1382)

Pastry Palace Las Vegas Cake #600 - Webs & Skulls

Webs & Skulls (600)

Pastry Palace Las Vegas - Wedding Cake 86 - Spooktacular

Spooktacular (86)

Pastry Palace Las Vegas Cake #1521 - Dark Gossamer Webs

Dark Gossamer Webs (1521)

Pastry Palace Las Vegas Cake #1578 - Bloody Brains

Bloody Brains (1578)


Pastry Palace Las Vegas Cake #1449 - Zombie Wedding

Zombie Wedding (1449)