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Specializing in all Custom Cake in Las Vegas in any styles of cakes from the decadent to the simplistic, we offer delicious works-of-art designed to make your special event memorable. Whether you are looking for a modest or elegant design, our custom cakes provide a beautiful focal point for special occasions. We Also make fresh crepes.

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Your Las Vegas Custom Cake Bakery Specializing in Beautiful Collection of Amazing Cakes and pastries , your vision

Sculpting the custom cake to the customer’s vision, we bake a creation that is uniquely yours. Using personalized cake designing, we bake and decorate a cake that reflects your personal taste. Delicious flavors, frosting tinted to any color, and personalized cake decorating ensures our customer’s satisfaction each and every time.

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Las Vegas Themed Cakes

From exquisitely tiered wedding cakes with intricate floral designs to baby-shower cakes decorated with delicate hues of pink or blue to birthday cakes stylized with dazzling designs, every cake that we make tastes as good as it looks. Every special occasion is an occasion for delicious cake!

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