1381 - Armed Forces

1381 – Armed Forces

We bet you didn’t know that during World War II, over 12% of the U.S. population served in the military. That’s a pretty interesting fact, we think. Of course, different times required larger sacrifices, but all of us owe a debt to that 12% and everything that they accomplished for our country.


And while the different branches of our military – Army, Navy, Coast Guard, Air Force, Marine Corps – are populated with less .5% of our citizens today, as we all know, there are many different ways to serve. Law enforcement and corrections officers are among them, and despite our differences in this day and age – we recognize that it takes a certain type of individual to head off to work each day in those professions . . . and we could all learn a thing or two by walking in their shoes for a time.


So for those professions that carry the burden of protecting our society and our way of life, we know it might not seem like much to honor what you do with a creating made of cake and icing. But when your family and friends gather together to welcome you home, or to commemorate a single achievement or a lifetime of service – it is OUR honor to play a part in those events.  Hooah.


1991 - Air Force Cadet

1991 – Air Force Cadet


1885 - U.S. Marine Corps

1885 – U.S. Marine Corps


1807 - A Soldier's Birthday

1807 – A Soldier’s Birthday


1707 - Semper Fi

1707 – Semper Fi

1897 - North Las Vegas Police

1897 – North Las Vegas Police

1012 - The Badge

1012 – The Badge