1364 - White-Wedding


It might be hard for some brides to believe in this day and age of reality shows that cover the best and the worst of All Things Wedding – from Bridezillas to My Fair Wedding and beyond – but sometimes, the best weddings are small, intimate affairs from a handful of guests to just the happy couple and their witnesses.



1437 - Take A Bow

1437 – Take A Bow


1353 - Dainty Damask

1353 – Dainty Damask



It’s not necessarily about the money it takes to host a huge wedding event. Besides the fact that it could be a second marriage (“been there, done that”), they come from a small family, or they’re based far from home due to work or duty – many couples are simply not interested in the hoopla and (let’s face it, often the) family dramas that accompany such galas. For them, a private event is just more meaningful, or more practical, with those select few people that mean the most.


1454 - Winter White/Summer Rose

1454 – Winter White/Summer Rose


1413 - Sweet & Simple

1413 – Sweet & Simple


1365 - Black Bow

1365 – Black Bow



But no matter the size of the event, the one thing that most everyone agrees on is that it’s a special day that deserves a special addition . . . and often that finishing touch is the wedding cake itself. And while there’s no need to plan on feeding the entire restaurant staff with your dessert, that’s no reason that it shouldn’t be lovely and elegant.


To all those brides who keep it simple – no matter the reason – we’re raising our forks to you. With these classic and stunning single-tier cake designs that honor the solemnity of the occasion while celebrating your special day – we wish you our sincere congratulations! (Just be sure to get photos before you cut the cake!)


1326 - Elegant Purple Bouquet

1326 – Elegant Purple Bouquet


807 - Solo

807 – Solo

1770 - Tufted Pink Roses

1770 – Tufted Pink Roses