261 - Guinness Draught

261 – Guinness Draught


Did you know that the tune for our national anthem was originally that of an old English drinking song? (Really – we don’t make these things up.) Considering the effort and creativity that goes into beverages here in the U.S., that might just make a lot of sense. (Or maybe it was the other way around?)


Whatever the case, we definitely have an affinity for ales and beer, wines and liquors, sodas and coffees – and boy, can we come up with some tasty combinations for all of them.


Of course, it’s the basics that count. Whether you’re drinking straight up or on the rocks, blended, shaken or stirred, if you don’t begin with “the good stuff” – your final results will be tepidly received, at best. So our motto at Pastry Palace  is, “If you’re going to make a cake in the likeness of a drink – only replicate the best.”  (Okay, so it doesn’t exactly roll off your tongue, but you get the picture.)


So let’s start this hit parade off right, with the first of all alcoholic beverages known to man (yes, we have answered the age-old question: What came first – beer or wine?).  It’s beer, folks – dating back to the era of the caveman (and maybe, er, that’s pretty appropriate). Just take a look at these potentially-frothy confections:


722 - Busch

722 – Busch


436 - Coors Light

436 – Coors Light”Coors Six-Pack” by Pastry Palace

1727 - Hopslam

1727 – Hopslam


Then following along in the proper order of things – some finely aged wines and champagnes. (Yes -wine came second, being mentioned in the bible – which was considerably later than when man started bending an elbow with a brewski). These treats almost make you want to pop the cork and pour a glass, don’t they? (and just look at those bubbles!)


1616 - Vintage Year

1616 – Vintage Year

1555 - Ace of Spades

1555 – Ace of Spades

1808 – Dom Pérignon Champagne

1808 – Dom Pérignon Champagne

817 - Armand de Brignac

817 – Armand de Brignac


And for those who prefer to stick with the hard stuff, since we are, after all, the nation that brought the world the Wild Wild West (and you sure didn’t wander into a saloon off the trail and ask the bartender for a nice glass of Chardonnay!) — let’s celebrate with some of those finer blends, like Jack Daniels, Johnnie Walker, Grey Goose, and a couple of nice tequila choices:


1734 - Tequila Don Julio Anejo

1734 – Tequila Don Julio Anejo

1615 - Johnnie Walker

1615 – Johnnie Walker

1101 - Grey Goose

1101 – Grey Goose

1397-Patron Delight

1397-Patron DelightTequila & Lime (1397)


The point being, of course, that our bakers are creative geniuses no matter what the topic of your event or celebration. If you have a photo, a drawing, or just a crazy idea . . . you can be we’re on board to craft it for you. Now – bottoms up!