“Tiffany Ring” – Cake #746

When this time of year rolls around – families gather, celebrations are going on – and sometimes, the present she’s waited for him to give her magically shows up in a tiny box under the tree. Engagements that take place during the holidays season are more common than you might think. It’s often the first time that many men meet their girlfriend’s parents, families are gathered, the mood is festive, and after all – there’s great opportunities for affording the ring she really wants (with all the fabulous holiday, end-of-year sales going on!).

So if some young man has come to ask for your daughter’s hand – and you want to make sure the event is a highlight of your holiday get-togethers – make it special with a beautiful celebration of a sweet dessert to mark the event.

For example – nothing demonstrates his honorable intentions better than a huge diamond ring presented in a famous Blue Tiffany box – which makes our “Tiffany Ring” Engagement Cake the perfect choice.

With one glance, there’s no doubt about the question – it’s showcased and grand – and will mark the question, the answer, and the memory of the occasion for all the years to come, with the added celebration of having the presence of the whole family.
Another option (that might be a perfect fit for the “Princess” you’re about to query) – is to pop the question and present that elegant, tiny ring box (which may or may not be direct from “Tiffany”!) atop an elegant ‘pillow’ cake.

“The Presentation – Cake #961

A choice accessory for the gentleman on bended knee, asking for her hand with loved ones gathered ’round – “The Presentation” – a pillow fit for royalty, and available for consumption after the tears, hugs and crowds of congratulations.

And then, there’s the element of “luck” that comes with most things “Vegas” — whether you’ve followed every lasting relationship rule and test, or not. As with any life endeavor we undertake, good luck is always a welcome ally.

“Lucky Us!” – Cake #812

For the couple committed to ‘rolling the dice’ on a forever future together, this memorable and apropos cake – entitled “Lucky Us!” – is the perfect and delicious selection to bring the joy of pending nuptials into a family holiday event.
Make the night your own – with a choice of one of these lovely cakes, or one that is unique to only you.

Any way you look at it, an engagement during this – or any – time of year, is cause for celebration for the happy couple and their family and friends. Pastry Palace can help you make it a moment to remember for all the loved ones who were there – in photos, in recollections, and in bite by tasty bite!