No Donut For You!

The holidays may be over, but that doesn’t mean that life has to lose its flair and flavor!

With the new year generally comes many new meetings. Reviewing the company’s results from the previous year and planning ahead for new events and activities for 2013. Yes – we know it’s hard to escape the (sometimes dreaded) “staff meeting” – but there is a way you can help make it more ‘palatable.’ Bring in a collection of assorted pastries from Pastry Palace!

You could begin with the luscious theme of chocolate:

Eclair - Mousse - Romboli
Chocolate Éclairs – featuring our delicate, flaky pastry, filled to bursting with luxurious cream filling and lavishly doused with chocolate.

Chocolate Mousse – shown here as miniature domes of light and airy whipped chocolate, dressed to the nines with a dark chocolate coating, piped shell trim and raspberry accent.

Chocolate Romboli – a decadent combination of walnuts and rum, encased in a rich dark chocolate coating.

Then continue your tasty presentation with a collection of traditional pastries, including:

Napoleon - Tiramisu - Cannoli

Napoleons – layers upon layers of the finest, flakiest pastry and our light and rich cream filling; dusted with sugar and crowned with fresh raspberries.

Tiramisu – an Italian classic featuring multiple layers and textures of lady fingers, creamy filling, a complex blend of flavorings – topped with our amazing whipped cream icing and dusted with cocoa powder.

Cannolis – “Leave the gun. Take the cannoli.” Who can blame you? A delicate tube of our flaky pastry filled with a fabulous cheese cream, and accented with chocolate chips, or use your imagination!

Finally, you can round out your unique collection of tasty morsels with a few popular cake selections:

Carrot - Cupcake - Logo Cake

Carrot Cake – Individual servings of a classic choice – our moist two-tier carrot cake layered with a scrumptious cream cheese icing (with, of course, the obligatory icing carrot atop!).

Cupcakes – Pick your favorite flavors, and we’ll make them pretty as a picture. White, chocolate, red velvet – it’s your choice. Adorn them with a theme – of colors, of shapes, of geometric designs, of flowers, of whatever inspires you the most! Cupcakes are always a crowd-pleaser.

Logo Cakes – Take your company ‘spirit’ a step further, and allow us to create individual servings of your favorite cake, decorated with your own company logo. They may look too beautiful to eat, but we promise you’ll enjoy biting into them even more.
The choices are nearly limitless – and oh-so-much-tastier (and prettier) than a typical box-‘o-donuts. Give your team something to savor with their taste buds as well as their minds at your next meeting.

And ask us about setting up recurring orders for your staff, corporate, or client meetings (talk about making a great impression!).