Pastry Palace Las Vegas - Spring Bouquets #922

Spring Bouquets (922)

Who doesn’t love a Spring wedding? The weather is perfect, moods are lifted from escaping the doldrums of winter, and what better time for a fresh, new beginning for a happy couple? Starting a life together at this time of year sends them down their new path with what seems like a little bit extra anticipation, hope and excitement for the future.


Adding a touch of spring to your nuptials is easily done with bright or pastel décor, budding new florals easily found this time of year. And of course (our favorite part) – a wedding cake that celebrates your wedding of this carefree season.


Fresh & Green (1416)

Fresh & Green (1416)


Bouquet of Colors (1411)

Bouquet of Colors (1411)

Bouquet & Damask (1280)

Bouquet & Damask (1280)


Let your imagination run away with you, as the blooms of spring start appearing on the landscape. While in some places spring arrives sooner than others (Hello, Las Vegas!), no matter where you are, brightly colored blooms catch your eye in every environment.

Pretty In Pink (931)

Pretty In Pink (931)

Wedding Cake #810

Brightly Blooming (810)


Pastry Palace Las Vegas - Garden of Delights Cake #795

Garden of Delights (795)


And of course, what would spring be without the lovely dogwoods and cherry blossoms? You can also take the classic look of swag drapes across your cake, and the simple addition of grouped lilies turn it into something fitting for the bride that honors the cycle of nature’s flora.


Pastry Palace Las Vegas - Cherry Blossoms V - Cake #905

Cherry Blossoms (905)

Pastry Palace Las Vegas - Wedding Cake 586 - Swags & Lilies

Swags & Lilies (586)


If something a little different is what you’re after, consider the delicate balance of butterfly wings, resting on your wedding confection as though in approval of the event. Or take a more woodland approach and feature trails of leafy new growth escaping a rustic planter.

Pastry Palace Las Vegas - Butterfly Blue, Wedding Cake #1268

Butterfly Blue (1268)


Pastry Palace Las Vegas - Blooming Baskets - Wedding Cake #1479

Blooming Baskets (1479)


The thing about wedding and spring is that they go together hand-in-glove. Gathers of blooms or delicately placed floral sprays can be displayed to tell the story of your very special love — right on your cake. How beautiful is that?