Pastry Palace Las Vegas - Baby Shower Cake #1252 - Noah's Ark

Noah’s Ark (1252)


It makes sense that you’re planning to have just 1 cake at your upcoming baby shower event – but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be FABulous – or that you shouldn’t still have lots of ideas and designs to choose from!  Because the one thing we don’t ever do at Pastry Palace is limit your options.


And we’re not just talking about flavors, either. Although goodness knows we have plenty of those to choose from (just check out our website here).  We’re also talking colors, themes, styles  sizes — basically, any cake you could possibly dream up for your event, we can make for you.


Pastry Palace Las Vegas - Baby Shower Cake #1134 - Toes & Tushie

Toes & Tushie (1134)

Pastry Palace Las Vegas - 1019-Baby Girl Behind

Baby Girl Behind (1019)


From tiny little baby toes (for once, the kind you actually CAN just gobble up!) and sweet little tushies . . .

Peek-a-Boo Boy (1018)

Pastry Palace Las Vegas - 1011-Peek-a-Boo Girl

Peek-a-Boo Girl (1011)

. . . to  little darlings peeking out from under their bankie, for this kind of event – why not have a little more fun with your dessert?  Like the Baby Bubbles in this festive little concoction – where the feminine new arrival luxuriates in her tub; or the darling little “Sweet Pea” below gracing two tiers of  a more masculine color scheme:

Pastry Palace Las Vegas - Baby Shower Cake #1118

Baby Bubbles (1118)

Pastry Palace Las Vegas - Sweet Pea Baby - Baby Shower Cake #1201

Sweet Pea Baby (1201)


Or you can take a cue from one of our most popular wedding cake designs – and with the simple addition of a set of wee sneakers, Presto! Designer Baby Shower Cake!


Pastry Palace Las Vegas - Baby Shower Cake 1251 - Baby Damask

Baby Damask (1251)


Stacked, layered, sculptured,  sheet, cupcakes and towers – the list is endless.  Even more fun is the fact that you don’t need to limit yourself to the ‘baby shower cake’ category… can choose the style you like from any of our cake designs – and we can customize it to fit the theme of your shower perfectly ( as well as your budget). For that matter, find a photo of a cake you love? Bring it in and we can make it happen.


And on that note…..we’ll leave you with a fun assortment of some of our customer favorites! Now – go forth, and multiply!

Pastry Palace Las Vegas - Baby Shower Cake #1407-Baby Boy Beasts

Baby Boy Beasts (1407)

Pastry Palace Las Vegas - 962.Nappy Time

Cat in the Hat (962)

Pastry Palace Las Vegas - 265 Baby Shower

Baby Girl Booties (265)

Pastry Palace Las Vegas - 270 - Ready to Pop

Ready To Pop (270)

Pastry Palace Las Vegas - 271 Baby Shower

Baby Boy Booties (271)

Pastry Palace Las Vegas - Baby Shower Cake #759 - Baby Simba

Baby Simba (759)

Pastry Palace Las Vegas - Birthday Cake 633

It’s A Girl! (633)

Pastry Palace Las Vegas - Baby Shower Cake #1223 - Tiny Sneakers

Tiny Sneakers (1223)