Personalize Your Wedding with Custom Cupcakes


Ask any engaged couple, and they’ll tell you that one of the most important things to them when planning their wedding is sharing their memories – and personality – with their friends and family. Gone are the days when every newlywed in town got the same cake, same dress, and same flowers. Personalization is the watchword these days – and with so many options, the only problem is settling on a favorite style to showcase at the wedding!


Cupcakes offer the perfect opportunity to lend a personalized touch to your wedding, and you’d be surprised how versatile they are. From classy to whimsical, there’s a cupcake style out there to fit every couple’s personality.

Personalized, miniature cakes for everyone – how could cupcakes get any better? For starters, you can offer a variety of flavors and styles so every guest has their favorite – chocolate, vanilla, or red velvet. Even better, you can easily box up leftover cupcakes to send to guests who weren’t able to make it.


Serving the cake is a breeze with cupcakes, and the presentation of their own masterpiece on a tiny plate will make each of your guests feel like royalty. And saving a slice of cake to eat on your first anniversary? Super simple when it’s a cupcake!

Couples are upping the ante with unique cupcake displays – consider arranging some of our beautiful floral decorated cupcakes on wooden accent pieces found at your local craft and hobby store for a trendy, wedding-in-the-woods vibe. Or if you’re a fan of vintage finds, gather multiple antique cake stands from tag sales and thrift stores to place your lovingly crafted cupcakes on.


Are you a traditionalist, but looking for something that’s fun to serve and easy to send home with guests? Our Mr. & Mrs. Plus Cupcakes deliver drama galore. The elegant silhouette of a traditional tiered cake is filled with detailed, delicate cakelets for your guests to enjoy.  Plus, the classy black and white color scheme never goes out of style.




Looking for bright colors and summertime details? We’ve got just the thing to complement your garden-party vibe. Our gorgeous Flower Cupcakes boast a decadent cushion of swirled icing topped with a single, lovingly crafted flower. Simple pearl accents up the wow factor.



Do you go in for a high-drama style? Are you hoping to draw every eye to the cake table? If you’re thinking about a bold, striking combination, take a look at our Cupcake Blooms. Pure white icing offers a striking backdrop for a single bold accent in a bright, blooming blue – always a favorite wedding color. Tiny details at the center of each flower surprise and delight your guests – right before they devour these delicious cupcakes!




These are just a few of the cupcake designs that could grace your wedding. If you’re ready to bring your unique and fun personality to your dessert table, take a look at the many cupcakes we offer, and bring a touch of bold and beautiful to your Las Vegas wedding.