Topsy-turvy cakes are the centerpiece of any wedding function and they are eye-catching, to begin with. There will not be a single guest at your wedding function that will fail to marvel at the amazing balancing act as projected by these topsy-turvy cakes. Your guests at the wedding function will simply not be able to ignore it. In fact, they will all move closer to inspect and investigate about how such cakes can be created in the first place. What people love about topsy-turvy cakes are their unique designs.

If you have your wedding day approaching fast and if you are tired of the traditional wedding cakes with flowers and ribbons; go for some fun ideas for your wedding cake and try the topsy-turvy one! You are bound not only to impress your family members but also your friends and guests.


If you have not seen such cakes before, you need to know that these types of cakes have an intrinsically complicated and whimsical shape and structure. Take a look at it here



Pastry Palace Las Vegas - Cake #597 - "A Pear of Bows" Pear Green and White Wedding Cake

Cake #597


You will be amazed and dumbstruck wondering how the topsy-turvy cakes maintain their balance. We will let the cat out of the bag; there is no big secret to it. It is all an optical illusion which makes you perceive that a wedding cake appears slanted.


Inspiration for the design of a topsy-turvy wedding cake


The bridal couples prefer to have three-tiered or four-tiered topsy-turvy wedding cakes. The three-tiered cake perhaps gives out the best visual impact for an onlooker. You can blend several shapes for the tiers; you can go either for a round one or a square one for it to be eye-catching. The bakers could be asked to fill up spaces between the tiers with flowers or any other decoration element. You can have more fun by adding polka dots or various other prints along with the conventional cake toppers or fruits!


If you want to keep it simple, you could go for the one as shown in the picture above with just ribbons for toppers or get the bakers to design an elegant topsy-turvy wedding cake with simple but chic floral decoration. Generally, topsy-turvy wedding cakes are colorful with squiggles, scrolls, ribbons or polka dots. Exceptionally, few bridal couples want to keep it simple by having these cakes created in plain white and decorating them with simple ribbons or floral touches.

Pastry Palace Las Vegas - Cake 764 - Topsy-Turvy Minnie

Pastry Palace Las Vegas – Cake 764 – Topsy-Turvy Minnie

Whatever the case may be, there is plenty of work and thinking that goes into the designing of a topsy-turvy wedding cake and the amount of work that goes into it is all worth it because of the attention it attracts. This kind of a cake will reflect the creativity and fun-loving traits of the groom and the bride. A formal and traditional event would become a unique and a fun function.


It has to be remembered that topsy-turvy wedding cakes can incorporate various different trends that can merge cake baking and fashion styles. The topsy-turvy cake has, in itself, become a popular trend today for wedding functions. This is mainly because it projects the concept of a wedding cake in its classic form that has been given an added twist. Fashion details for the cake and its texture or color could be inspired from the dress that is going to be worn by the bride. The cake could be made to include sugar ruffles or textured bands on the base of every tier; these ideas are also inspired by various fashion trends that have been specially created for wedding gowns. Beaded decorations can also be given on the top most tier of the cake, taking the inspiration from the bridal dress.