Pastry Palace Las Vegas - Birthday Cake #1581 - Despicable Me, Party of One

Despicable Me, Party of One (1581)


Minions!  You don’t even have to see the movie to appreciate the appeal of these little guys. (But if you haven’t “Despicable Me” and its sequel are great films!)  These tiny yellow cylindrical creatures (will that be one eye, or two?) have gained so quickly and massively in popularity, that they’re scheduled to have their own animated film release in 2015. (“Minions”)


“Minions” The Movie Poster

 (It says Holiday 2014 – but trust us, it’s been delayed to summer 2015)


So it should come as no surprise that they are among the most popular cake designs requested today – for both children and adults. The reason being that it’s impossible to resist them! Some with wide-eyed wonder that are eager to please, others wise and all-knowing – and of course our favorites – the impish, fun-loving (and sometimes naughty) Minions that revel in playing tricks on their counterparts.


Pastry Palace Las Vegas - Birthday Cake #1504 - Happy Minion Birthday

Happy Minion Birthday (1504)


It doesn’t even matter that their only purpose is to serve and aid history’s most infamous, mastermind criminals. They’re as spirited and creative in doing so as J.R. Ewing was in his day – but you’ve got to hand it to these little yellow henchmen for accomplishing so much with, well, so little.


Pastry Palace Las Vegas - Birthday Cake #1485 - Despicable Me

Despicable Me (1485)

Pastry Palace Las Vegas - Birthday Cake #1539 - A Plethora of Minions

A Plethora of Minions (1539)


For example, just crack one and give him a shake – and he’ll perform as well as any glow stick (perfect for carrying out criminal Minion activities in the dark!). And though there are hundreds of Minions to serve their master, it almost seems as though each has his own physical and personality characteristics. One eye or two, tall and thin or short and chubby – the combination doesn’t matter. We love them all.


Pastry Palace Las Vegas - Wedding Cake #1593 - Minion Wedding

Minion Wedding (1593)

Pastry Palace Las Vegas - Birthday Cake #1498 - Minion

Minion (1498)


And just for fun – or in case you aren’t convinced yet of the indescribable appeal of a roomful of Minions – we’re going to leave you with this video clip of some of their best moments in the original “Despicable Me” film:

Best of the Minions -

Best of the Minions – “Despicable Me”