Vuitton & MAC (1624)

Vuitton & MAC (1624)


Designer handbags – what woman doesn’t covet them? Even though the costs of some of the ‘real thing’ can boggle the mind (think anything Hermès) – there’s still that allure, that special look that tells everyone at a glance “Wow, she sure spent a lot on that handbag!” – Oh wait, that wasn’t what we meant. (But really, unless you’re an heiress or a celebrity, you know that’s what you were thinking!)


Pastry Palace Las Vegas Cake #1595 - Vuitton in Pink

Vuitton in Pink (1595)

Pastry Palace Las Vegas 1115 - Chanel Necessary Accessories

Necessary Accessories (1115)


Pastry Palace Las Vegas Cake #1361-Handbag and Heel

Handbag and Heel (1361)


This ‘shockingly pink’ Vuitton design (okay, they call it “Hot Pink” – but we think that was just to save on printing costs) is so delightfully fresh and bright you could almost skip the outfit altogether, since all eyes will be on your handbag anyway.  Or if you happen to prefer the more classic and elegant route, this combination of Chanel handbag and heels is a lovely option (in both summer and winter choices!).


(By the way – we are talking about cakes here . . . right?)


Pastry Palace Las Vegas Cake #1563 - Michael Kors

Michael Kors (1563)


Pastry Palace Las Vegas Cake #1302-Louis Vuitton Beverly

“Beverly” (1302)


Red – being the new black – (or is that orange?) – is a must-have wardrobe accessory, as this Michael Kors stunner readily demonstrates. But this author’s absolute favorite (being charmed by all things colorful) is the Vuitton “Beverly” – a spritely combination of colors that grants entry to virtually every item in your closet (with perhaps the exception of your “little black dress.”)

In the world of designer handbags, it has been said that if you’re lucky enough to accessorize just one outfit with a handbag like Hermès – then “You’re lucky enough!” While the cost of the real thing might be just beyond your budget as a suitable gift for a loved one . . . having your favorite design replicated in delicious cake and even more delectable fondant is definitely within your grasp. And on that note of good news, we leave you with an armload of Hermès on which to feast your eyes!


Pastry Palace Las Vegas Cake #1207 - Hermes in Black

Hermès in Black (1207)


Pastry Palace Las Vegas Cake #752 - Hermes Handbag

Hermès Handbag (752)

Pastry Palace Las Vegas Cake #1146 - Hermes Blue

Hermès Blue (1146)

Pastry Palace Las Vegas #990-Hermes Lavender

Hermès Lavender (990)