Pastry Palace Las Vegas Cupdakes #1359 - Lavender Bow

Lavender Bow (1359)

There’s something about a cupcake… conjures up memories from childhood, or heck – even recent weddings – because one thing you can say about cupcakes is that they belong Everywhere! No longer relegated to the “It’s-My-Mom’s-Turn-To-Bring-Cupcakes-To-Class” genre, because we we all know, decorators have been putting their talents to the test in recent years designing and creating cupcakes into the most beautiful, glamorous, fun and quirky looks ever.


Whether you’re looking to make a coporate statement with logo designs, or want to enhance a party theme with that-just-perfect look, the variety of confections that can be crafted in simple icing, fondant and accessory décor is simply enormous.


Pastry Palace Las Vegas #1601 - Delicacies by Chanel

Delicacies by Chanel (1601)

Pastry Palace Las Vegas Cupcakes #967 Handbag Collection

Handbag Collection (967)

Pastry Palace Las Vegas Cupcakes #1287 - Everywhere Chanel

Everywhere Chanel (1287)

Pastry Palace Las Vegas #1080 - Louis Vuitton Gifts

Louis Vuitton Gifts (1080)

As cupcakes are often a fun addition (and centerpiece) for bridal showers and bachelorette parties, luxury handbags are a great design choice (as mentioned in our last blog post). After all, for parties that are more casual, it’s just so much easier to grab a handful of cake (without making a huge mess of That!) – and then go chat up your friends in the room.


Or take another step outside the box and display a unique collection of car logos for a different theme (even one that’s more masculine, if that’s your need). And we’d just like to make one other observation: What on earth is a bachelorette party without tequila and lime?!

Pastry Palace Las Vegas Cupcakes #1494 - Luxury Cars

Luxury Cars (1494)

Pastry Palace Las Vegas #1397-Patron Delight

Tequila & Lime (1397)


Of course, going with the “Cute-As-The-Dickens” concept of taking a small bit of palm-sized cake and making it as adorable as possible, you can see from the rest of these photos – cupcakes are just the ticket for that, too. So enjoy a stroll through a few of our past creations here at Pastry Palace Cupcakeland – and have a happy bite (of cake, that is)!

Pastry Palace Las Vegas Cupcakes #1559 - Dalmation Spots

Dalmation Spots (1559)

Pastry Palace Las Vegas #1414 - Hello Kitty-ettes

Hello Kitty-ettes – #1414

Pastry Palace Las Vegas Cupcakes #965 - Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty (965)

Pastry Palace Las Vegas #1345-Pup & Pupcakes

Pup & Pupcakes (1345)

Pastry Palace Las Vegas Cupcakes #1328-Graduation

Graduation (1328)

Pastry Palace Las Vegas Cupcakes #969 - Sesame Street Pals

Sesame Street Pals (969)

Pastry Palace Las Vegas Cupcakes #963 - Tim Burton's Nightmare

Tim Burton’s Nightmare (963)

Pastry Palace Las Vegas Cake # 770 - Minnie & Minnie-ettes

Minnie & Minnie-ettes (770)