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1804 – Owl Cupcakes

Legend has it that owls bring intuition, wisdom, and the ability to see what other do not see, including the capacity to see beyond deceit and masks. They are also traditionally a harbinger of change. Owls possess acclaimed night-vision, and have long figured in myth and folklore. They are found in all regions of the Earth except Antarctica and some remote islands. Their feathers are uniquely adapted for silent flight, giving them a definite advantage over the small insects and other birds on which they subsist. But these little guys are just C-U-T-E! Scrumptious individual cupcakes in white cake, dark rich chocolate cake, or a swirl, mixing the two, are iced in rich sweet icing, then topped with a disc upon which an owl has been painstakingly painted. Those huge eyes, and calm demeanors are unmistakable. Who wouldn't want to just grab one of these adorable treats? Make your birthday a memorable one for all your guests with "Owl Cupcakes."