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1805 – Love Is A Red, Red Rose

"My love is like a red, red rose" is, of course, the first line of one of the most acclaimed love poems of all time. With all due apologies to Robert Burnes, there was no other option when it came to titling this beautiful opus. With a classical base of broad black satin ribbons surrounding the two round tiers dressed in pristine white, serving as a backdrop, this abundant cascade of absolutely flawless deep red roses takes center stage. In a graceful, sweeping arc, the effusion of blood red makes its statement, declaring for all the world to know that true love is the inspiration behind this magnificent work. Red roses have long been considered to denote true love, and this collection could hardly communicate otherwise. Accented boldly with leaves of black, and some other complementary flowers, also in black, nothing seriously detracts from the "star status" of these meticulously hand-crafted blooms. This design is one of our most versatile, ever - apropos for wedding, birthday, engagement party, anniversary event - you name it, if there is love (with a capital "L") involved, this piece will fill the bill, impeccably.