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1803 – Blue & Gold Birthday

This design harkens back to the days of ancient Greece and Rome. The startling blue is a color closely associated with Greece, and the large gold leaves are reminiscent of the crowns of oak leaves woven for those who were victorious in battle or game. The golden decoration around the top of the cake also looks like a royal "circlet." In Italy, and in Greece, birthdays are not traditionally celebrated after a child reaches a certain age. Instead, "name days" are celebrated. This custom originated with the Christian calendar of saints: believers named after a saint would celebrate that saint's feast day. In many countries, however, there is no longer any explicit connection to Christianity. The concept of name days is similar to the more common birthday, except that the association of a name to a day is entirely arbitrary. Whether the occasion for this stunning affair is birthday or "name day", this centerpiece will make it a noteworthy event.