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1554 – Party On!

This wild creation celebrates the wild side! And of course, no place on earth specializes in excess and debauchery like Sin City (aka Las Vegas). It looks like Jonathan is in for one wild-and-crazy bachelor party! No doubt there will be an abundance of alcohol involved, and after he's been loosened up a bit, it's clear that his friends intend to corrupt (or at least make the attempt to do so) him at one of the many topless "Gentleman's Clubs" around town. There are certainly enough to choose from. This little tableau depicts a lap dance and a pole dancer at the same time, entertaining the prospective groom in what might be called an atmosphere of "abandon." The scene might be prescient, or serve as a warning (or even a deterrent) to the direction the evening is taking. He might want to go along with "the program", as a last final fling and nod to bachelorhood; but if he decides that way, he'd better make sure that all his friends' cell phones are checked somewhere safe so no one can take any incriminating and embarrassing pictures which will take some "splaining" to his future bride. "Party On!", but be careful!