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1555 – Ace of Spades

"Ace of Spades" is the colloquial name for the famous line of Armand de Brignac champagnes. It's said that an American gambler by the name of Don Johnson reportedly spent £120,000 (equivalent to approximately $197,000) on a bottle of Armand de Brignac Midas champagne at the "One For One" nightclub in London, to break the world record for the most expensive bottle of champagne ever bought. It's been featured in many high-profile "hip hop" music videos to signify conspicuous consumption, and an ultra rich life style. This piece is a custom hand-molded design. The "bottle" is of the blue variety, but the label and "Ace of Spades" logo are executed in meticulous detail, in gold. This unquestionable status symbol denotes that someone has indeed, "arrived." Some choice accessories, in the form of stacks of cash, bundled up in $10,000 bricks, complement this "haute" design, impeccably. The embossed platter in a black-on-black floral design finishes off this work to the delight of all.