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1552 – Lavender and Pink

Two lavish round tiers form the infrastructure of this piece. The bottom layer is iced in "fairy" pink, and embossed in a quilted-diamond motif. Tiny luminous pink beads dot each corner of the diamond shapes. The top layer is done up in a smooth delicate lavender. A luxurious drape of ivory satin sweeps down from the top of the piece to the bottom, in graceful fashion. Tiny white flowerets with miniscule pink bead centers adorn the cake, in several locations. On the top of the design, a bed of these fragile flowers supports a stunning golden crown. This royal headpiece is studded with amethyst-colored stones, and an image of Rapunzel with her magical hair draped over her arm. Disney Princesses have been favorites of little girls since the 1937, when Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Disney's first full-length animated feature, was released to world-wide acclaim. The parade of Disney Princesses seems to be endless, and at this point, has given every little girl someone they can identify with. "Tangled", a Disney re-telling of the story of Rapunzel, was immensely popular, and Amina is sure to be in her glory when she sees "Lavender and Pink."