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To call this design a “Masterpiece” is an understatement of the most extreme variety. This incomparable tower is all of a single shade which our designers have dubbed “blush.” The base and top tiers are round, and the two tiers in the middle are spherical, with poles that have been somewhat flattened, creating a more or less “pumpkin” shape. The sides of these tiers appear to be draped in satin, creating a billowing effect. The bases of each of these two center tiers are most elegantly attired in a dazzling collection of hand-formed and artistically tinted flowers:  peonies, lilies, roses, orchids, and more. Ribbons of glittering crystal ring the bases of the other two tiers, which are additionally ornamented with hand-drawn artwork of flourishes and various curlicue designs. Additional single strands of crystal drape down the sides of the two center spheres, adding a touch more glamour. The crowning touch is a large clutch of flowers that covers the entire surface of the top layer. This supreme work of art would be well cast as the centerpiece for any formal, or even royal wedding. It could serve as well at an anniversary event. It is a pièce de résistance appropriate for the most important occasion.

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