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1624 – Vuitton & MAC

I don't know about you, but I know people who would literally "swoon" over this design! Two tiers (yes! That darling little purse on top is CAKE!), one square, and the other meticulously hand-molded and formed in the perfect likeness of a classic LV handbag, are both liberally slathered with the famous collection of Louis Vuitton logos. The base tier is chocolate brown, and the logos are gold appliques (this is likely the "box" that the purse was delivered in); the "handbag" tier is in pristine white, with the logos executed in a plethora of pastels. The detailed stitching and brass hardware accoutering the leather trim are amazingly accurate. Carelessly scattered about is a collection of MAC cosmetics, that someone has been excavating through - no doubt looking for her keys - eye shadow, various brushes, blush, lipstick - it's all here. A frilly collection of small but colorful flowers adorns the base of the design, tying it all together. "Louis Vuitton and MAC" is a dream come true, and can be your centerpiece!