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1626 – Strawberry Delights

This classic silver serving tray displays a sampling of what we can do for a strawberry! The strawberry is, of course, no ordinary fruit. For hundreds of years, wild strawberries were sought out and appreciated for their color, juiciness, aroma, and sweetness. They were used in medicine, and were also symbolically associated with purity, humility, and goodness. The first known cultivated, or "garden", strawberry was grown in France in the 18th century. Since that time, their appeal has only grown. We start with only the largest, sweetest berries we can find. Each one is drenched in chocolate (be it dark, or white), and allowed to "set." Then our expert designers go to work, creating fantastic and wonderful designs. A drizzle of white chocolate on dark here, a sprinkling of nuts there; a criss-cross ribbon of white chocolate on dark, with tiny little decorative "buttons" added. Some are covered with miniature M&Ms, some have extravagant spiral curlicues drawn on them. There are many other custom designs available, including "tuxedo" fronts, and others - we just didn't have room, even on this large platter, to show you ALL of them! These gorgeous, succulent berries will make a statement at your event. "Strawberry Delights" will be something every guest remembers!