The first rule of being a good dinner guest – always show up with a good bottle of wine.  But who says it has to be ‘liquid’?  Especially if your host and hostess skip the cocktails and vino altogether.
Our suggestion:  Plan ahead and bring a bottle everyone can really dig into – with forks, that is.  Like this fabulous representation of an Estancia Merlot.  It doesn’t need to taste like “bright cherry fruit with hints of cedar and pepper.”  You can create a flavor combination all your own for this bottle. (This is one opportunity to try out a chocolate wine without offending anyone!)

“Estancia Wine” by Pastry Palace

Then again, for the holidays – it doesn’t all need to be wine and cheese.  It’s also considered to be quite thoughtful to help to re-stock the host’s bar with quality liquor, too  Come to think of it, this bottle of Grey Goose Vodka would be a great finish to a festive holiday meal – and it doesn’t even need mixers! (Unless you count ice cream in that category.)

“Grey Goose” by Pastry Palace

But as long as you’re investing in a quality hostess gift – why not choose to present them with one of the best that’s out there (and save a few bucks in the process)?  This fabulous representation of Armand de Brignac Brut Gold – also known as the Ace of Spades – allows you to offer one of the best French champagnes at a fraction price of the real thing.

“Armand de Brignac Brut Gold” by Pastry Palace

In case you haven’t figured it out by now, we think that bringing along a bottle for your upcoming holiday festivities can be a lot more creative than usual.  You can even include ‘personalized’ wine labels!  This is one hostess gift that won’t just be put in the wine rack!