Here at Pastry Palace, we’re fond of taking the simple pleasures of life and turning them into something worth celebrating.  Because sometimes, it’s just the right touch for a timely event. See what we mean?

“Busch” by Pastry Palace

Popping open this ‘cold one’ may not fill a glass with that foamy hops-concoction we all know so well, but it will be a delicious treat nonetheless.  Taking on the appearance of a classic can of Busch, this is a centerpiece for a coming-of-age party that everyone will admire and enjoy.
For those with a more discerning taste – or perhaps you’ve just ‘hopped the pond’ direct from your London pub haunts – this pint of dark, foamy lager will definitely bring back fond memories of friends gathering to bend an elbow. Choose any flavors you wish – the finished product will still delight and amaze those joining your celebration.

“Guinness Draught” by Pastry Palace

Here in the American West, though, plenty of people think there’s nothing better than a cold-brewed Coors Light – and this custom-shaped Six-Pack will make an impression, that’s for sure!  This half-dozen of frosty bottles complete with ‘cardboard’ carrier is an excellent choice for a Groom’s Cake at a wedding – or a great option for any Coors connoisseur.

“Coors Six-Pack” by Pastry Palace

As you can see, at Pastry Palace, our cakes come in all shapes and sizes. No brew, no bottle, no frosty beverage – is beyond the capabilities of our cake artists.  Go ahead – give us a challenge!