Pastry Palace Las Vegas - Cake #1036-Faberge Excellence

Pastry Palace Las Vegas – Cake #1036-Faberge Excellence


Really incredible cakes don’t need to be just for major life events, you know. While weddings and anniversaries that end in “0” are celebrated with cakes that (we think, anyway) can be true works of art – like these:


Gift of a Cake - #574

Gift of a Cake – #574

. . . there are certainly plenty of other events and holidays to enjoy during the year (any reason for a party, we say!) — with a cake that can be fun, creative, or even coordinated to go with a special theme you’ve chosen.

Let’s just take a look at some of the fun you can have with your child’s next birthday party, as shown in these fun creations – from a first birthday with images even your toddler will recognize (can we say “M-i-c-k-e-y”?)

Mickey & Minnie Cakes #612

Mickey & Minnie Cakes #612


. . . to a ‘taste’ of Hello Kitty!

Hello Kitty #719

Hello Kitty #719

. . . or on to Spiderman’s own kingdom – shown here in all its web, tall buildings, and action hero glory

Spiderman Cake #766

Spiderman Cake #766


But it’s not just the kids that get to have all the fun! Creative cakes and pastries are a great way to commemorate a project completed, another rung on the ladder of success, a graduation, a baby on the way, a new driver’s license, a dance recital. The fact is, there’s truly no limit to the reasons to celebrate with sweets. With that thought in mind, we’re going to take our leave – but we’ll also share photos of some of our favorite creations, made just for our fabulous customers. Now – go plan your next party – and don’t forget the cake!


Fenway Park #1022


Hermes Handbag #752

Juicy Couture - #953

Juicy Couture – #953


Bridal Shower Bling - #957


Christening Gown #1013


Royal Pillows #1038