Trio of Colors - Wedding Cake #1058

Trio of Colors #1058

There’s a certain irony that is a part of every cake artisan’s work. If you stop to think about it, years are spent at mastering a craft by designing true works of art. In many cases, entire events and themes are planned around a stunning centerpiece of sugar, butter, flour and all of the other tasty and wonderful things found in a kitchen.

Cake Artist Chef Mai
Hours of planning, sculpting, and painstaking detailwork take over your day – and in the end, you proudly present the bride and groom, the anniversary couple, the Sweet 16 celebrant with what can only be described as a work of art . . . a true labor of love.

And then – the knife comes out.

Cutting the Cake
Well, granted – most cake cuttings aren’t quite this dramatic. But if you stop and think about it, really, this is how you might think a Cake Artist would feel after all that hard work, right?

In all honesty, though, because so much effort goes into the creation of something that successfully combines the ultimate pleasure for all five senses – as the cake fulfills its intended mission, the Cake Artist knows they have fulfilled their ultimate goal:

Pastry Palace Wedding Cake #927

Pastry Palace Wedding Cake #1110

Pastry Palace Wedding Cake #709

An image of loveliness,
The delightful aroma of baked goodness,
The fun of sneaking a fingertip of sweet icing,
The inspired combination of flavors and textures,
And the joyful gasps of ‘oooohs’ and ‘aaaahhhs’ that fill the room upon its discovery.

So keep in mind the next time you’re presented with a frosted confection of simple elegance, whimsy, or a complex tapestry of impressive design elements – the ultimate destination of any lovely cake is to be enjoyed to the fullest . . . down to the last bite. On that note, we’ll leave you with this memorable parting quote:

Let's eat cake!

My policy on cake is pro having it and pro eating it.
–Boris Johnson