Pastry Palace Wedding Cake #555


Obsessed with bling. Sugar diamonds. Fondant quilting adorned with gems. Hey – you’re getting married in Fabulous Las Vegas! Your wedding cake needs to keep up with the Jones’s, right?

We’ve had a little bit of experience with that. Okay – a lot of experience. And quite honestly, these are some of our favorite cakes to make (perhaps it’s because we love it when “all eyes are on the cake”!).

There’s no doubt that some well-placed sparkly accents can bring just the right touch of elegance to your event. Randomly placed diamond gems and ribbons of rhinestones make this mad-hatter design classic, clean and whimsical all at once.

Want to add a splash of deep color to your presentation, too? That’s no problem. Whether it’s lovely sugar peonies or rich ribbons of shiny fondant in stunning hand-crafted bows or flowing drapes of sugar – you can still trim it out with impressive rows of diamond and crystal brooches for a beautiful yet still understated creation. (Okay – maybe the feathers send the turquoise one just a little bit over the top!)


568 - Crystal Ribbons & Peonies



Pastry Palace Las Vegas Wedding Cake 585 - Brooches & Crystals, Oh My!


Pastry Palace Las Vegas Wedding Cake 544 - Pretty Please


Pastry Palace Las Vegas Wedding Cake 1048-Sparkling Feathers & Bows


Not quite enough drama for you? Then let’s step it up a notch! A combination of round and square tiers can be artistically arranged to breathtaking (and seemingly breath-holding) effect. As you can see, this design element has endless possibilities – and, well, it’s just hard for us to hold back on the sparkly-stuff . . .

Pastry Palace Las Vegas Wedding Cake Bling


Pastry Palace Las Vegas Wedding Cake with BlingPastry Palace Las Vegas - Wedding Cake 1014 - Sparkling Tower


Sparkling cakes. The perfect centerpiece for a day that will shine forever in your mind’s eye. Make it small and simple – or go gracious and grand . . . either way is fine with us. As long as we get to play with the bling, we’re good to go!


Pastry Palace Las Vegas - Diamonds & Drapes - Wedding Cake #702