Pastry Palace Las Vegas 991 Beaded Handbag

Pastry Palace Las Vegas 991 Beaded Handbag

You know one of them. An acquaintance, a friend, a family member – whose purse collection far outnumbers their shoes. (No easy feat – pun-intended – since shoes travel in pairs!) She’s addicted. Any stroll past a department store window always includes an “Oh – I LOVE that bag!” comment. She has the “Perfect” purse to go with any outfit (even some that haven’t been designed yet.) She admits it. You can, too. She’s a “handbag addict” – and she’s not alone. They’re everywhere!

So while you’re busy planning the next birthday or any celebration event for her busy life (because really, it does take a lot of time to shop for the perfect purse!) – why on earth would you choose anything other than a cake . . . sculpted to look like her Dream Handbag? (Hèrmes always leaps to mind right about this time.) Because really, there’s no reason that fashion can’t be tasty for both the eyes and the tongue.

Sometimes, it’s best to start out slow with handbags – lest the addiction begins with the $20k delight (the real thing, not the cake).  Or perhaps just a little collection of “handbag hors d’oeuvres” is what you want to set the mood for your party . . .or start with a bit of a teaser by just showing the fancy packaging itself . . .

Pastry Palace Las Vegas 967 Handbag Collection Cupcakes


Pastry Palace Las Vegas - 1035-Gift of Hermes

Followed up by a little Chanel . . . and little Gucci . . . perhaps a Louis Vuitton . . .

Pastry Palace Las Vegas 1115 - Chanel Necessary Accessories


Pastry Palace Las Vegas 980-Gucci Cash To Go


Pastry Palace Las Vegas 382 - Louis Vuitton Handbag

They’re all a delight for the eyes, crafted with love and attention paid to the tiniest details. Making a fashion statement with a Designer (cake) Purse is going to elicit scores of “Oooohs!” and “Ahhhhs!” that your guests will share with one another and the honoree with glee.  It is, after all, an opportunity to bring a much-desired wish to life (even if in the form of a delicious pastry item). So if you ask us, you may as well just pull out all the stops and go for the big guns. Hèrmes is considered by women the world over to be the ultimate accessory . . . but we promise these are much more reasonably priced than the real thing!

Pastry Palace Las Vegas 752 - Hermes Bronze


Pastry Palace Las Vegas 990-Hermes LavenderPastry Palace Las Vegas 1146 - Hermes Blue


Of course, once you have the bag picked out . . . you have to find the shoes to match. But that’s another story . . .

Pastry Palace Las Vegas 724 - Christian Loubitin