1263 - Zombie Apocalypse

1263 – Zombie Apocalypse


It’s only a matter of hours now until the make-believe zombies will be mingling with the real ones, wandering our streets on October 31. And how are you going to tell the difference of who’s (a) real (zombie) – and who’s not?  Well, you might need to do a bit of light reading to help you with that one (like this article  — or perhaps this info about The Zombie Survival Guide (hey, it’s on Wikipedia – it MUST be true, right?)


But in case you’re just going to be hanging out with the zombie-wannabees, you can make it an even better evening by having the perfect cake to slice into (heh, heh) at your Halloween event. Oreven just your typical Zombie Zet-together.


To give you some ideas – and to inspire others, we’re going to leave you with a few ideas in that direction….that just might get them to concentrate on the cake . . . instead of your brains. (First, anyway.)  Enjoy! And have a great 31st!

1107 - Zombie

1107 – Zombie

1636 - Zombie Batman

1636 – Zombie Batman


977-Zombie Baby

977-Zombie Baby


1578 - Bloody Zombie Brains

1578 – Bloody Zombie Brains

1842 - Zombie Head

1842 – Zombie Head