1792 - Houston Texans

1792 – Houston Texans


If you’re anything like us, you’ve been looking forward to fall – if for nothing else, the great sports contests that we get to watch this time of year. We’re willing to bet (based on our customers, anyway) that a whole bunch of folks who celebrate their birthdays between September and January have had their day coincide with a favorite game at least once. So it just seems fitting that “birthdays” and “sports” should wind up together in one great place – and where would that be except on a cake?


One can always choose to go the more generic (aka “people-pleasing”) route – by keeping it simple and straightforward, like with this “Touchdown” cake (which is perfect, by the way, for finger-kicking your little folded paper footballs, you know, like the ones you made when you were in school – right through the goal posts!):

1483 - Touchdown!

1483 – Touchdown!


Or give a nod to your alma mater with a college football team theme, like the University of South Carolina Gamecocks – or the Alabama Crimson Tide, shown in these fun cakes below (by the way, be sure to click on the images and read the stories behind them – they’re very educational, and could win you a Trivia bet someday!):

1482 - Gamecocks

1482 – Gamecocks

1756 - Alabama

1756 – Alabama

But it seems that most people like to take a stand on “Their” favorite NFL team. (Let’s face it, once a fan, always a fan.)  So we’re more than happy to bring your team’s mascot to life . . . as you can see below to some perfection, if we do say so ourselves.

Pastry Palace Las Vegas - Cake #1087 - Football

1087 – Raiders Football

Pastry Palace Las Vegas - Cake 1144 - Steelers Fan

1144 – Steelers Football

Pastry Palace Las Vegas - Cake 1368 - Denver Broncos

1368 – Denver Broncos

1773 - Forty-Niners Cap

1773 – Forty-Niners Cap

1753 - Cowboys Football

1753 – Cowboys Football

1475 - Go Redskins

1475 – Go Redskins


Multi-tiered, logo, helmet – you name it, we’ll ‘cake’ it. And just to make it easier, here’s this year’s NFL schedule – so you’ll have the right teams for the right day – on the right cake. (Loser buys next week’s cake!)