Sometimes, when it comes to selecting the perfect cake design for an occasion – not everyone agrees on the final choice.  At Pastry Palace, we don’t necessarily believe that’s a bad thing – because we’ve discovered that a compromise can result in some pretty amazing creations.
For example, our popular “Split Damask” design features one side in a bold hue (shown here in smooth apple-green fondant) with a contrasting white damask pattern applied to the surface of each tier.  But on the left – a much more traditional white wedding cake – with glossy pearl finish and a tuxedo ruffle from top to bottom.  Add a few well-placed, pearl white sugar peonies, and you have the perfect complement for two distinct styles.

“Split Damask” by Pastry Palace

Or, creating a memorable blend of Innocence and Decadence can result in our signature “Split Personality” cake design shown here:

“Split Personality” by Pastry Pala

Glance at it from the right angle, and you’re looking at a lacy, filagreed pearl-white (and highly traditional) wedding cake – with flowing cascades of matching drapes of shiny fondant.  But just take a walk around to the other side of this cake table – and you’ll be greeted with what lies beneath the sterling facade. Dripping with delicious dark chocolate and decorated with luscious white and cocoa-dressed strawberries . . . it’s almost like peeking behind the curtain in Oz, don’t you think?
You want to talk ‘compromise’?  Let’s take the concept to a whole new level!  Take a look at our “Gotham City . . . or Paradise” themed cake.  It just goes to show you that your special occasion cake can take on any shape or personality you choose (and who says multiple personalities are a bad thing, anyway? You always have a friend with you!)

“Gotham City . . . or?” by Pastry Palace

If you’ve been having difficulty coming to an agreement on planning your celebration cake – take it from us:  What the cake artisans at Pastry Palace can do, is limited only by your imagination.