‘Tis the season to begin planning holiday celebrations – so what better time to showcase some of our autumn holiday bakery creations? Some of our favorite cake designs have been created for brides who chose to integrate the colors of the season into their celebrations. Take, for example, our stunning “Autumn Leaves” selection:

Autumn Leaves by Pastry Palace

Classic and smooth, the clean lines of this design are easily incorporated into virtually any wedding motif – and indeed, make an impressive presentation for any medium to large gathering. Like a drive through a countryside to watch the leaves turn, these fall colors displayed in delicately-shaped peonies, leaves and satin ribbons cascade with a natural grace down the face of this confection.

Ahhh…..the fruits of fall. Bumper crops of multi-colored apples, cheery cranberries, and of course, pears, pears and more pears. Bartlett, Anjou, Asian, Tosca – the season ranges from late summer into winter – and the colors offer a lovely seasonal alternative to any event. “A Pear of Bows” shown here is a smaller version of the popular Mad Hatter style. Combining a combination of pear-green damask on pristine white, and adorned with ribbons and fruit decor. Talk about a lovely complement to a Thanksgiving holiday meal presentation!

“A Pear of Bows” by Pastry Palace

Then again — what’s wrong with being a little off-beat? Consider this sweet presentation, our “Tilted Modern” – a little less tradition, a lot more whimsy. The use of different strikingly bold colors on each tier -delivered in a topsy-turvy balancing act – serves as not only a delicious completion of a holiday meal, but makes a wildly festive decorating focal point, as well.

“Tilted Modern” by Pastry Palace

If there’s one thing in which our cake artisans take pride, it’s the honor of taking part in helping our customers celebrate the milestones of their lives. After all – there’s a reason that phrases like “That takes the cake!” . . . or “That’s the icing on the cake!” have a solid place in our lexicon. A beautifully executed cake has always served as the centerpiece to the perfect celebration – whether a wedding, birthday, or anniversary. Make your event one to remember with a fabulous finishing touch of the perfect dessert!