Designer Hermes Handbag Themed Cakes to Wow Your Stylish BFFs

Did you know that the term ‘handbag’ originally referred to a man’s briefcase? Eww, right? If you’re a woman who likes stylish accessories, there’s a good chance you’re having a quiet little love affair with handbags. If you’re a die hard fashionista, you’ll instantly recognize the name ‘Hermes’ – that iconic French brand noted for its high quality and glamorous genuine leather handbags. And if you’re in charge of impressing a fashionable bride- to- be and her equally style conscious gal pals at a bridal shower, there’s nothing better than a Hermes handbag bridal shower cake in Las Vegas to completely blow their minds


Did you know that Cate Blanchett sports a Hermes Birkin handbag as arm candy all throughout ‘Blue Jasmine’? How jealous do you feel when you see celebrities constantly flaunting these exquisite accessories? Priced at anything between hundreds to thousands of dollars, the actual Hermes handbags may be out of reach for the average American woman, but a Hermes handbag cake is not. While the original Hermes product can be worn, carried and loved, our Hermes themed bridal shower cakes in Las Vegas can be eaten, and they taste pretty amazing, we guarantee you! So what makes a Hermes handbag a must have accessory for die hard fashion fiends? It’s not that they simply signify wealth, success, quality craftsmanship and high style. We think it also has to do with the fact that they are available in limited supplies and there’s a long wait list you have to overcome before you can get your hands on them. Nothing like scarcity to bump up the value of a quality product! Let’s get back to the Hermes handbag cakes we have for you. There are a few of them -take a look at 990 – Hermes Lavender, 752 – Hermes Bride to Be, 1207 – Hermes In Black and 1146 – Hermes Blue. Each one of them has been crafted masterfully by our talented cake artists


If you take a shine to a gorgeous leather finish, you may consider number 752. If you have a liking for dainty and elegant cakes, the Hermes Lavender Cake would be the ideal choice. If you’re attracted to the seductive allure of black, go for the Hermes in Black and if you like a bit of bright color, opt for the Hermes In Blue. Whatever design you choose, you’ll be dumbstruck by the detailing found on our cakes. From replicating the exquisite leather finish and fine quality stitching details to featuring the trademark shiny brass hardware, including the lock and keys, our Hermes bridal shower bridal cakes are every bit stunning as the original products. In fact, they look so real you might actually start thinking about taking them out instead of digging into them!
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