1869 - Baby Stego

1869 – Baby Stego

Who says cakes have to be round or square? We have fun turning some of our favorite animated, furry or legendary characters into just the sweetest things. (get it? sweetest….?) And we seem to be doing that a lot lately. (After all, lots of birthdays take place after those cold winter months, right?)  So we wanted to share some of our latest creations with you – just because, well, they’re cute!

1877 - Rainbow Dash

1877 – Rainbow Dash

1832 - Yo Gabba Gabba

1832 – Yo Gabba Gabba

1831 - Happy Jungle Birthday

1831 – Happy Jungle Birthday

Who, after all, can resist Rainbow Dash – one of everyone’s favorite My Little Pony characters? Or what about the gang from Yo Gabba Gabba! Those are some happy little characters gathered around that cake. You can almost hear them shouting out a “Happy Birthday!” to the whole gathering.


We can also take our frosting festivities out into the wild (if, in fact, you can call our Happy Jungle Birthday cake shown here “wild” – in the natural sense, that is).  And ANYthing to do with “Pandas” just seems to end up too-cute for words (doncha think?).

1860 -

1860 – “Panda”-monium

1861 - Bamboo & Baby Panda

1861 – Bamboo & Baby Panda

The legendary creatures that we’ve all heard of (but never seen, since they are, after all, not real – or at least they’re not real outside of those dark spaces under our beds) — also lend themselves well to artistic interpretation. Not every depiction of a T-Rex is quite as snuggly as this green fellow that follows (stay away from this one, Mr. Spielberg!) . . .


1835 - Ferocious T-Rex (not!)

1835 – Ferocious T-Rex (not!)

. . . although our “Dragon at the Castle” does seem to inspire a bit more nail-biting drama, especially if you happen to live in that castle he’s dwarfing.

1848 - Dragon at the Castle

1848 – Dragon at the Castle

But whether your tastes run to the fictional or the jungle, animation or anime . . . there’s a cake out there with your name on it, just waiting to be wrangled into a confectionery masterpiece. Trust us. We do it all the time!

1820 - Hello Kitty with Butterflies

1820 – Hello Kitty with Butterflies