1833 - Minions in Las Vegas

1833 – Minions in Las Vegas


Oh, yeah – we know how to P-A-R-T-A-Y in Las Vegas! As we’ve shown you before, we make plenty of cakes that combine our worldwide claim to fame (we mean gambling, not divorces) with celebrating birthdays – Las Vegas-style.  (See the little Minions? Being corrupted by gambling chips and die?)


But because there’s a LOT of ways to put a little Vegas on your cake – we’re going to focus on birthdays this post. (And probably the next one, too! Because really – there’s a lot of them!)

1876 - Vegas 30th

1876 – Vegas 30th

1435-Vegas 21

1435-Vegas 21

1585 - Las Vegas 19th Birthday

1585 – Las Vegas 19th Birthday


In fact, when you’re a bakery IN Las Vegas, you’re going to design a whole bunch of cakes themed to your world-renowned locale – and Pastry Palace is living proof of that. Because (and quite rightly, we believe) people make visiting our fair city one of the cornerstones of their milestone events. Whether it’s getting married, becoming ‘legal’ (aka 21), or just because, well, you CAN come to Vegas to celebrate – friends seem to have no problem finding the time to journey here to join you and turn any old date on the calendar into an event to remember.


1206 - Roulette Wheel

1206 – Roulette Wheel


Roulette, slot machines, 21, poker — you name it, and we can turn it into a cake so delightful you won’t know whether to spin the wheel or slice into it!


1512 - Vegas Roulette

1512 – Vegas Roulette

1703 - Birthday Vegas Style

1703 – Birthday Vegas Style


1675 - Pink Vegas Birthday

1675 – Pink Vegas Birthday


No matter how you slice it (the cake, that is) – it’s just more fun to turn 21 – or 30 or 27 or 19 or 54 (you get the picture, right?) here in Vegas. Join us! (You’ll be glad you did.)


1272 - Birthday 777's

1272 – Birthday 777’s