Pastry Palace Las Vegas - Wedding Cake #795 - Spring Flowers

Pastry Palace Las Vegas – Wedding Cake #795 – Spring Flowers

Whether you’re planning a wedding, a birthday or just looking for an excuse to par-tay — keeping the change of seasons in mind as you plan your event can result in some dazzling displays of color.
This time of year (at least here in Las Vegas!) – trees are leafing out and gardens are beginning to bloom already (we know that’s not the case in a lot of places!). Our bakers enjoy recreating vibrant colors and floral designs in fondant, cream, and sugar form that in many cases can fool the eye into believing they’re real.
Wedding Cake #77 - Pink Peonies
After all, spring should be bright and cheery – especially for a wedding. It doesn’t matter if your affair has a theme – such as this special Hawaiian design (all lagoon-y and bamboo-like), or these eye-catching daisies.
Wedding Cake #29
Or for a more traditional look, lilies of different shapes, sizes and colors are always a winner. And how can you go wrong with roses of any style?
Wedding Cake #586
Wedding Cake #371
Wedding Cake #1055


Exuberant and festive, cheerful and sassy – the options for flowers on your cake are as endless as a journey through the world’s largest greenhouse. Choose your favorite colors and florals, and we’ll bring them to life in a design just for you.
Wedding Cake #553