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Actually, it’s not just for a wedding, but any time you find yourself preparing for a lavish event where a cake is going to play a central role in the celebration – you want to make sure both you and your baker know exactly what you want, what you expect, and that everything will go exactly according to plan.

So we’ve put together a checklist of the things you should be prepared to tell your baker, and also what kinds of questions to ask of them. When everyone is on the same page – it’s easier for both of you to make sure all the bases are covered and that you can go on planning all the other details of your event comfortable with the knowledge that this most important part of your plan is under control.
Information You Should Bring To Your Baker

  • The details of the event itself (kind of event, date, time, location)
  • How many people will be attending
  • Are there any dietary restrictions? (kosher, gluten-free, etc.)


Details Your Baker Can Help You Decide On

  • What kind of cake shape do you have in mind? (round, square, topsy-turvey, octagon, hexagon, or . . . ?)
  • Do you have a photo of a cake style, look or design that you want to use?
  • Number of tiers you’re picturing for your “dream cake”
  • The colors of your wedding or the event theme
  • What’s the difference between “stacked” or “layered?”
  • Will you need an additional sheet cake? (this can help save costs on the featured cake)
  • What are your favorite flavors for: the cake, filling, icing (certain designs require the use of fondant – so be sure to ask about that!)
  • What kind of decorations do you prefer? Fresh flowers, icing/fondant flowers; ribbons – fondant or satin?
  • Do you have a preference for a cake topper design?

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And Be Sure To Ask Your Baker

  • Can we schedule a cake tasting?
  • Will you work with my florist or wedding coordinator on specifics for my cake and order?
  • How far ahead of time should I order my cake?
  • What is the cost of the cake I want?
  • Are there any ways I can save money and still get the design I want?
  • Amount of deposit needed / when payments are due?
  • Fees for delivery?
  • When is delivery made?
  • Do we provide cake stands, knives, servers, etc.?
  • Are there any rental items I will need to return?
  • Can we save the top tier for our anniversary?
  • What is your cancellation policy?

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If you have had an experience regarding other details that should be discussed — we’d love to hear your suggestions! We think every bride should have all the details (or her wedding planner!) – so that your cake enhances everything about your perfect day!