Pastry Palace Wedding Cake #929 - Damask & Crystal

Pastry Palace Wedding Cake #929 – Damask & Crystal. Three pristine round white tiers accented with black damask fondant, satin ribbons and crystal brooch.


As professional cake artists, we work with colors. Bright colors – bold colors – pastels and jewels. But we have to admit to a certain fondness for designing wedding cakes using a classic black and white color scheme. It’s sophisticated and timeless, and lends itself well to affairs of all styles. Whether your wedding plans are scaled around traditional, casual, glamorous or virtually any other theme – the chances are that there is a perfect black and white cake design just waiting to adorn your event. There’s just something about this color scheme that brings an air of sophistication to a wedding (even if you’re a whimsical bride!).

Pastry Palace Las Vegas - 1042-Posh Wedding

Square white tiers are the perfect setting for black fondant bands and black and white flourishes.

Pastry Palace Las Vegas Wedding Cake 703 - Vegas Black and White

Square on round tiers of white are covered with glossy fondant in harlequin diamonds and perfect white roses.

Pastry Palace Wedding Cake 904 - Black and White Squares & Peonies

Graduated square white tiers adorned with bands, pearls and peonies of black and white.

As you can see, it doesn’t matter if you’re looking for square or round cake shapes – this is one color scheme that lends itself to virtually any cake style – stacked or raised tiers, single layer or to breathtaking heights. It’s just not possible to go wrong with black and white. And to be quite honest – like the simple elegance of these black and white designs – we’re just going to let the rest of this blog speak for itself in photos.

Pastry Palace Las Vegas Wedding Cake 704 - Black & White Sophisticate

Round white tiers of smooth fondant elegantly trimmed with black ribbons and crystal brooch.

Pastry Palace Las Vegas Wedding Cake 788 - Black and White Cascading Bow

Round white tier atop black square featuring an elegant white bow of fondant that cascades from top to bottom.

Pastry Palace Wedding Cake #790

Two round white tiers adorned with flourishes and band of fondant – accented with white roses and lilies.


Pastry Palace Las Vegas Wedding Cake 588

Raised square tiers of white fondant, quilted and accented with tiny black pearls and ribbons of black.


Pastry Palace Las Vegas Wedding Cake 571 - Black and White

Three white round tiers are the perfect backdrop for black ribbon banding, hand-piped black flourishes, and even the happy couple’s new moniker in the center.

Pastry Palace Las Vegas - Cake #594 - Black and White Damask

Two round white tiers faced with intricate black damask design.

Pastry Palace Las Vegas 585 - Brooches & Crystals, Oh My!

Alternating round on square tiers rise four levels high, adorned with glossy black ribbons of fondant and plenty of bling.