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#1970 – Tiny Doctor

This charming design for the toddler's birthday is "just what the doctor ordered!" An aqua blue round tier serves as a platform for another tier in the form of a doctor's bag, only this one is in lavender and pink, rather than traditional "black." The lavender bag with the pink handle is just the thing for a future member of the healing arts. The tools of the trade are evident, everywhere in this design - adhesive bandages (we used to just always call them "Band-Aids"), a size-appropriate stethoscope, and a decidedly feminine otoscope are all to be found. A row of candy-pink beads rings the base of the bottom tier, and the birthday girl's name is hand-drawn on a bigger adhesive bandage. Decorative hearts and flowers add a touch of gentleness to this piece, and this is going to make someone's day!