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#1969 – Slot Machine

The modern slot machine does not have much in common with this quaint little throwback to the 60s and 70s. Today, you rarely even see a pull handle on one of the "one-armed bandits", just buttons to push. Neither do you have coins making that cheerful, exciting noise when they drop and rattle in the well. You get a tiny piece of paper (a pay ticket) which you take to the casino cage, and redeem for cash. I'm happy to report that on some machines, you will still find "cherries", and various fruit, but not often; those simple fruits have been largely replaced with "superheros" or cartoon characters. Sigh! This little guy hearkens back to those fun "old Las Vegas" days when you could hear the clanging of coins dropping, your arm was ready to fall off and the end of the night, and Las Vegas had more charm than glitz. If Carol is nostalgic at all, it's likely she won't even allow anyone to cut into this anachronistic piece of memorabilia!