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1937 – His and Hers

This stunning affair is a most innovative design. Elements from several different themes are combined here, to perfection. Three round tiers are stacked, symmetrically, and then one half of the tower is dedicated to "the bride" and the other half to "the groom." The "bridal" side of the piece is iced in pristine white, and a lace motif is meticulously applied manually by our creative and expert decorators. Simulated tear-drop "pearls" are plentiful in this frothy lace design. A spray of brilliant yellow roses adds drama and color to this side of the tower. The "groom's" side of the cake is splendiferous in its simplicity and elegance. What could be more appropriate than a classic black tuxedo, complete with impeccably white shirt, black studs, and beautifully tied bowtie? We're thinking the answer to that question is a sound "Nothing!" The two halves of this sophisticated bit of "cakery" are delineated by a graceful and billowing drape of ivory-colored satin. It cascades down the side of the cake in effortless folds creates a soft transition between the two distinct "faces" of the work. For the couple who intend to approach their life together on a 50/50 basis, this wedding centerpiece makes a statement!