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1694-Giddy Up, Horses!

There's something about cupcakes - isn't there? The perfect little individual-sized treat - cheerful, charming, altogether delightful - not to mention delicious! This grouping of luscious and fun cupcakes is designed around an "equine" theme. The uppermost row depicts a series of barns, done up in red (of course), with ornamentation of white lattice gates, and the traditional "barnstars." Barnstars are a hallmark of barns found in the Pennsylvania Dutch country, and are generally considered to bring good luck. The center row depicts the horses, themselves. Each one is individually hand-crafted, and possesses its own distinct personality. The next row of cakes is adorned with interlocking horseshoes, which are also known to summon good luck, and happiness. With all the charm and good luck omens, here, this collection is sure to bring good fortune and prosperity to either a birthday celebrant, or to whatever event/occasion is being honored. Don't miss out on "Giddy Up, Horses!" for your party!