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1550-Wedding Dress

This piece is absolute perfection for that bridal shower you are planning! The meticulous detail in this design is nothing short of amazing. Starting from the base, the platform upon which the main design rests is a brilliant rendering of the pedestals in bridal shops that the bride-to-be stands on, in order to view the dress in myriad mirrors. The lace-edged flounced skirt on the pedestal is stunningly executed in white "satin." The dress itself is layer upon layer of white satin, the skirt falling in beautiful tiers. Difficult to see in this picture is the hand-drawn "embossed" pattern delicately rendered on the bodice. Lace and white roses ornament the gown from the neckline, down to the bottom tier of the skirt. A satin-covered hanger gives the effect of lifting the gown off the ground, giving it an ethereal, floating quality. The Christian Louboutin "peep-toe" pump is done up in a glittering white fabric that catches and reflects every available ray of light. It cannot be seen from this angle, but no doubt, the sole of the shoe is in the traditional "red lacquer" of the Louboutin brand. They say that "Nothing succeeds like success", and if you are planning that spectacularly successful shower, you don't need to look any further!