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1525.1 Starbucks Fan

1525-Starbucks Fan

Coffee is one of the world's most popular drinks in the world and Starbucks is one of the most famous, omnipresent brands on the planet. It's difficult to conceive of anyone, anywhere having not been exposed. The delicious aroma of brewing coffee and/or espresso is one of life's salient pleasures; and the myriad options that Starbucks has invented to further the enjoyment of this celebrate beverage is nothing short of mind-boggling. This design consists of two hand-molded pieces; one in the form of a bag of Starbucks coffee beans; the second in the enticing form of a "Frappuccino", mounded with luscious whipped cream and topped with a decorative and tasty drizzle of caramel. The iced beverage is complete with tall green straw, ready to be consumed. For any occasion, for any coffee lover, "Starbucks Fan" is a slam-dunk!