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1295 – Expensive Bottle

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Project Description

It could be La Ley del Diamante, or Henri IV Dudognon Cognac – but it’s not. What it can be, though, is crafted to appear as elegant and realistic as any of the most expensive liqueur bottles in the world – for a fraction of the cost, of course. You don’t need to spent $1.5 million for a platinum-dipped, diamond-encrusted bottle of tequila for their birthday just to make a point. Besides, having us make it out of cake and icing will make it much easier for them to share with guests (because really, who’s going to pop open the cork of a 1787 Chateau Lafite for everyone to guzzle down?). After admiring the delicate artistry that created a replica from premium products in our bakery kitchen – it won’t be nearly as tough to slice into and enjoy. So go ahead – shop around for the most amazingly beautiful bottle you can find online, of a drink they covet the most – we’ll bring it to life and serve it up with delight!

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