An interesting tradition, the custom of having a separate cake for the Groom at a wedding (or sometimes as a rehearsal dinner dessert) dates back to Victorian times and generally was first observed in the U.S. in the Southern states. As with many customs that migrate across the “pond,” however, the Groom’s cake in this country has morphed from a chocolate cake that the groom would serve to the bridesmaids before heading to the church – into the more modern custom of choosing a theme that represents a favorite pastime of the groom.

Football Helmet Cake

Football Helmet
Groom’s Cake #988

One style of cake that many grooms enjoy putting on display for all to see is a representation of their favorite sports team – shown here in the style of a football helmet for an obvious New York fan. Almost a shame to cut into with it’s meticulous attention to detail – it’s certain to give the groom and his friends a great topic of conversation. (Just make sure they leave the jersey at home on the wedding day!)

Longhhorn Budweiser Cooler Groom's Cake

Longhorn Budweiser Cooler – Groom’s Cake #981

Or perhaps with all the formal attire and fancy decor the bride has planned, the groom just wants a little reminder for everyone that he’s more of a ‘beer and pretzels kind of guy.’ This beer cooler (in this case, filled with real Bud Lights!) definitely has an aura of its own – even including a Texas Longhorns logo on the face of it for that ‘down-home’ feel.

Guitar Cake #399

Guitar – Groom’s Cake #399

Putting on a display that pays homage to the groom’s hobbies or profession is always a popular choice for a Groom’s Cake – as this tasty replica of a musician’s guitar

50's Convertible, Groom's Cake #403

50s Convertible – Groom’s Cake #403

…or this fabulous 50’s automobile – complete with chrome bumpers and trim and convertible top – clearly show.

For today’s wedding celebrations – whether the couple is completely traditional or trendy and modern in taste – choosing to include a Groom’s Cake at the party is both a fun option and a great way for the bride to help the groom feel more involved in the wedding plans (since it’s not uncommon for the bride to make most of the decisions about the Big Day!)

When you’re making plans for your wedding – and the talk turns to “cake” – be sure to ask us about both your main wedding centerpiece confection . . . and a little something for the groom to enjoy, too!