What happens when two passionate Star Wars fans fall in love and decide to get married? They plan a Star Wars themed wedding complete with a custom Star Wars wedding cake of course! When the spectacular Star Wars: The Force Awakens released in 2015, we knew there would be many couples eager for out of the galaxy Star Wars wedding cakes in Las Vegas. In our universe, cake artists are our Jedis and they are all set to incorporate your love for this legendary entertainment saga in fun and sophisticated wedding cakes.

Here at Pastry Palace, we love geeky cakes and creating unique masterpieces for our awesome customers. Whether you’ve always dreamt of becoming of Jedi or you’re fascinated with the Dark Side, we complete understanding your fandom and your choice to go with a Star Wars themed wedding cake in Las Vegas over a traditional one for your big day. We believe it shows your true dedication and passion for the franchise and for each other. Despite its age (it started in the 1970’s!), the Star Wars series of incredibly popular movies continues to inspire and influence popular American culture. Movie releases, video games, novels and now social media discussions, fan theories and speculations generate excitement among obsessed fans.

Weaved into the massively influential epic space opera is a beautiful love story between Han Solo and Princess Leia. If you’re looking for some inspiration to customize your Star Wars themed wedding cake in Las Vegas, how about incorporating those iconic words “I love you” “I know” exchanged between Han Solo and Leia before he’s carbon frozen – sigh! Or how about cute cake toppers made out in these two characters’ forms? You could go with an extravagant multi-layered cake or a simple, elegant cake geeked up with edible Star Wars action figures. Delicious Star Wars cupcakes – amazing, right? If your wedding is going to be held at an upscale venue, you could order an all-white cake that’s fun and elegant. We can incorporate your wedding colors or add some sparkle to make your Star Wars themed wedding cake super glamorous – talk to us and we’re confident we can make your fantasy come true!

If you’re in a hurry, no problem – we have some ready options for you! Check out Cake designs 494 and 1846 featuring Darth Vader or Cake design 1668 Star Wars – they’re simple but very effective, with just the right amount of awe and style for fans to be star struck. Cake design 1668 reminds us of the goose bumps inducing opening crawl disappearing into space – we know you do too! That’s why we think it makes for a perfect surprise groom’s cake. And if your beau is a fan of the Dark Side, he won’t be able to get enough of the spectacular 1846 that replicates Darth Vader’s mask. No matter which design you choose, our cake artists will execute it with excruciating attention to detail and style.
Pastry Palace Las Vegas - Wedding Cake #590 - Moon & Stars
Reality check time! A Star Wars themed wedding can be a tricky affair – you want it to be classy and fun but it can quickly get into birthday party territory. So, plan carefully – May the force be with you!