Let the Naming Celebrations Begin with a Gorgeous Christening Cake

Did you know that in Victorian times, the top tier of a wedding cake was saved for use as a christening cake? Why, you wonder? Well, back in the old days not many people believed in contraception and the birth of a couple’s first born child happened within a year of marriage! We cannot even imagine the difficulties that tradition would pose in modern times! Weddings in modern times are solely associated with a couple’s love for each other, which leaves open many doors (and windows) to design unique custom christening cakes in Las Vegas.

Christening Gown #1013

Christening Gown #1013


The birth of a precious child is an occasion of immense love, joy and faith. We understand that in these days, some people might not choose to have a formal christening or baptism ceremony due to their personal beliefs. There are many people out there who wish to commemorate the birth of their precious child with a simple naming ceremony. We echo your sentiments that welcoming a new angel into the world is an extremely joyful celebration, and our range of christening cakes in Las Vegas are a testament to that. You’ll thoroughly enjoy browsing through our gallery of christening cakes and witness the love for detail reflecting off our creations. We believe that’s what cake artistry is all about!

Traditionally speaking, christening or baptism is a solemn and religious occasion of great significance. It marks the day when a child is formally accepted within the religious community. It has the power to envelop you in spirituality- and what better way to make it even more sacrosanct than by having a christening cake in the shape of a Cross? Take a look at 1979 – A Gold Cross for Christening Day, 1478 – White Cross, and 631 – Christening Day (Girl) for some inspiration.


Last year was the time when we got to see pictures of the UK’s adorable little princess Charlotte sleeping blissfully as shutterbugs photographed her dressed in her royal christening gown. The christening gown we feature in our cake 1013 is nothing short of being regal and resplendent. The intricately handcrafted, delicate sugar details are simply gorgeous – fit for your very own prince or princess! And if it’s a double delight for you, just take a look at 1826 – Twin Christening to get your imagination rolling!


Not only do all our christening cakes in Las Vegas look graceful and distinctive, but they also taste pretty amazing! Something you’ll be proud to display as centerpiece at your after ceremony party. No matter what design you have in mind, we promise you that it will be executed in the most accurate way possible! One thing we are almost sure of is that you’ll want to decorate the cake in pleasing colors like white, blue, or pink. Or maybe you’ll surprise us??!! We’re up to whatever challenge you want to throw at us!

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